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Mengloth's Market

Mengloth is the healing etin-goddess of Lyfjaberg Mountain in Jotunheim in northern-tradition myth, whose name means “Necklace-Glad" and who is a lover of jewelry as well as knowledgeable in herbs and healing. This tiny online shop, made up entirely of handmade northern-tradition goods, mostly made on our homestead, is dedicated to her.

Northern-Tradition Prayer Beads

By the name of Urd, I seek the spinning thread of my true path.
By the name of Verdandi, I weave my life with the threads of those I love.
By the name of Skuld, I make peace with the blade of my final wyrd.

Religions around the world use prayer beads as useful guides to remembering prayers and principles. Among the Norse, Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon cultures, beads were one of the most common charms for children and adults, and found frequently as magical/ritual grave goods. While we are not lucky enough to have surviving prayers for beads from those ancient times, we have constructed prayers to the holy multitude of the northern-tradition Gods and wights. Prayer is a more important part of our faith than occurs to most people, including daily prayers.

We have one set honoring some of the many gods and wights of the Northern Tradition, and a set of beads for healers working in the Northern Tradition. Excerpts from the prayers are shown for each set. Of course, you may also use the beads for silent contemplation, magical focus, decoration, or your own personal prayers.

What stone or glass bead is used for what depends partly on availability of certain beads in different sizes, but largely on symbolism of color and stone. We paint the wooden beads ourselves, and shellac them. The strings for these beads are all handspun on a Viking-style soapstone spindle of wool, mohair, silk, flax, or some combination of these, but we can string on fishing line or “tiger tail" wire for added durability, if requested.

Website orders are processed through PayPal. Orders by mail or telephone may be processed by PayPal, personal check or money order (to Raven Kaldera). We do not have a storefront at our homestead, so if you would like to visit us, please call first!